Glass Ionomer Cement Type-II

Glass Ionomer Cement Type-II



Glass Ionomer Type II is a restorative self-cured suitable for a permanent dental filling.

it utilized for the restoration of primary teeth core build-up and restoration of class.

little quantity fillings Restorations of smaller lesions Primary teeth filling Gap fixing Filling of cervical erosions Fillings before crown preparations Composition

Powder – Calcium-alumina

Fluorosilicate glass Fluid

Polyacrylic corrosive

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  • Restoration of erosive/abrasive lesions without cavity preparation.
  •  Fixing and filling of occlusal pit and gaps.
  •  Restoration of primary teeth.
  •  Restoration of class V carious lesions.
  •  Restoration of class III carious lesions, preferably using the lingual approach.
  •  Fix of imperfect edges in restorations..
  • Minimal Cavity preparations in proximal lesions through buccal and occlusal approach (tunnel preparations).
  •  Core built up.
  • Provisional restorations where future veneer crowns are contemplated.
  • Sealing at roof surface for overdentures.


  •  Chemical adhesion to tooth structure allows minimal cavity preparation without the need for etching or bonding agents.
  •  Chemical setting without shrinkage and similar thermal expansion as tooth structure offers an excellent marginal seal.
  •  Strontium based glass provides good radiopacity facilitating postoperative diagnosis.
  •  Low solubility for more durable and longer-lasting restorations.
  • Long term clinical success.

Storage And Quantity

  • Store the item at 15-25° C/59-77° F.
  • Store the item in a dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture places
  • Use before the date of manufacturing
  • Use screw-cap jars as soon as possible.


  • Liquid: 10ml.
  • Powder: 15g.
  • Mixing pad and Powder spoon.


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