GC Fujicem Refill

GC Fujicem Refill


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GC FujiCEM is the world’s first glass ionomer luting concrete(cement) blended from pastes. The exceptionally evolved Paste Pak System is designed to rearrange dispensing and offer grate consistency in cementation assisting with guaranteeing an ideal outcome without fail.

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  • Cartridge conveyance consistently administers the correct ratios.
  • Limits cement waste.
  • Flexibility in the measure of cement that can be administered.
  • very easy to mix in just 10 secs.
  • No air bubbles.
  • Adequate working time.
  • Insignificant film-thickness of just 3 µ.
  • Ensured adhesive strength.
  • Successful fluoride release.
  • Ideal clinical performance.


  • Cementing a wide range of metal, porcelain combined to metal, and pitch.
  • Crowns, inlays, Onlays and bridges.
  • Cementing porcelain inlays.
  • As a base or liner.

Packing quantity

1: Gc Fujicem Refill Pack 13.3g Cartridge:-

1 Cartridge of 13.3 gm / 7.2 ml

Instruction Manual

1 x Mixing Pad

2: Gc Fujicem Luting Glass Ionomer Dispenser:-

1 x Dispenser only


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