GC EverStick C&B

GC EverStick C&B


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The utilization of GC everStickC&B fibre reinforcement offers a unique treatment technique for supplanting missing teeth. With GC everStickC&B you can get ready composite bridges reinforced with stranded fibres in a single visit utilizing a negligibly intrusive method. This proof-based fibre reinforcement technology provides you with a sans metal, savvy treatment strategy complete your prosthetic treatment decisions. GC everStickC&B empowers you to plan reversible, negligibly obtrusive arrangements where sound tooth construction can be put something aside however long it is clinically conceivable.

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  •  Solid and tasteful approach to replace missing teeth during one visit
  • Tooth tissue safeguarding approach
  • Ideal for pressing circumstances and injury cases to give a prompt solution to replace for missing teeth
  • The economical alternative in case of extensive restorative requirements
  • Ideal for both front and back rebuilding efforts


  • surface retained bridges, Inlay and Onlay bridges.
  • Hybrid bridges, Full cover crown bridges.
  • Implant-supported bridges, Temporary bridges.
  • Immediate bridges.


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