GC Gold Label Type 2

GC Gold Label Type 2


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All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer Universal Restorative GI Cement contains strontium glass. The strontium glass gives great radiopacity and snapset qualities, consistently preferred by clinicians around the planet. Strangely, strontium will imitate calcium in the development of strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium fluoroapatite to influence inner remineralization inside the tooth structure.

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  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure permits minimal cavity planning without the requirement for carving or holding specialists.
  • A chemical setting without shrinkage and comparative warm development as tooth structure offers an excellent minor seal.
  • Strontium based glass gives great radiopacity encouraging post usable analysis.
  • Low solubility for more solid and longer-lasting restorations.
  • Long term clinical achievement.


  • Restoration Cement of Class 2 and 5 cavities
  • Erosion lesions
  • Primary teeth
  • Base / Core build-ups

Time For GC Gold Label 2

  • Mixing Time (sec) 30”
  • Working Time (min, sec) 2’00”
  • Finishing begins (from start of mix) 15’00”
  • Mixing conditions at 23°C. Higher temperatures will shorten working time.


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