GC Flexceed Putty

GC Flexceed Putty



GC Flexceed is a vinyl polysiloxane impression materials are utilized for establishing exact dental impressions with fantastic reproducibility. It is accessible in Putty and light body consistencies to help dental specialists establish ideal connections for the manufacture of crowns, bridges, inlays, Onlays and veneers.

GC Flexceed precisely repeats the most significant level of detail needed for crown and bridge restorations. It helps establish predictable impressions under all conditions.

GC Flexceed is more hydrophilic and has fantastic tear strength. Not withstanding catching basic complicated subtleties it likewise uproots dampness and opposes disfigurement.

. Better proliferation detail with two viscosities (Putty and Light Body)

. Shows pseudo-plastic properties for exactness which isn’t found in alginates

.Predominant tear strength than some other VPS material

.Great hydrophilicity

. Viable with gypsum products

. Superior wetting qualities guaranteeing gypsum working cast is difficult with a smooth surface

. Can be exposed to cold sanitization without compromising the details and dimensional strength of the impression

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  • Most reduced Contact Angle-The Initial Contact Angle of FLEXCEED LB, is the LOWEST among all VPS material when the blend contact water.
  • Precise Reproduction of details GC Flexceed accurately imitates the most elevated level of detail needed for crown and bridge restorations.
  • Predominant Tear Strength-The Tear Strength of FLEXCEED is the highest among all VPS Impression materials.


Light Body Kit : 2x78g (50ml) cartridges.

8 mixing tips and 8 intra oral tips.

Putty Type: Base 500g and catalyst 500g

Storage: Store at room temperature.

Recommended for optimal performance, store Flexceed kit in a dark place away from sunlight at temperature (15-25°C


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