Rapi G – Fumigation (10 Sachets)

Rapi G – Fumigation (10 Sachets)



“Rapi-G” is an advance Gas disinfection system,  it doesn’t require any fumigation machine, It is aPowder Sachet in which we need to add some prescribed amount of water, it immediately start releasing the Chlorine Dioxide Gas from it. This ClO2 gas is having more oxidizing ( Bacteria, virus & Spore killing) capacity in comparison to Ozone, Chlorine, Hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde and Non carcinogenic etc.
The same molecule is already approved or recommended by WHO, US-EPA, FDA for disinfection, Sanitization, Fumigation of Air, Surface etc.

Rapi – G Overview – Download

ICMR Procurement and National Virology Labtests – Download

Advisory on Fumigation by GDC –  Download

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