Osseodensification kit 2

Osseodensification kit 2


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The Osseodensification Bur is based on a new technology for osteotomy preparation for bone densification. Unlike traditional bone drilling  technologies, bone densification dose not excavate bone tissue. Rather, it preserves bone bulk so bone tissue is simultameously compacted and auto-grafted in an outwardly expanding direction to form the osteotomy.

When a Osseodensification bur is rotated at 800-1500 RPM in a reversed,counterclockwise direction with steady external irrigation, called “Densifyng Mode”, a dense compacted layer of bone tissue is formed along the walls and base of the osteotomy. Scientific literature has suggested that dense compacted bone tissue produces higher implant stability, and may facilitate faster healing.

Each Osseodensification Bur features multiple, precision-ground flutes with-in a tapered geometry designed to produce a fast feed rate in two modes of operation. The taper design allowes the surgeon to constantly modulate pressure and regulate irrigation.

The flutes are tipped with a proprietary chisel edge that concentrates thrust force while reducing tool chatter to produce smooth haptic feedback that intuitively allows the surgeon to make “on the fly” adjustments.

In the “Densifying Mode”, downward surgical pressure coupled with steady external irrigation creates a dentle hydrodynamic pressure wave, which expands a pilot osteotomy without excavating bone tissue with minimal heat elevation. A densified zone of surrounding bone is generated while plastically expanding the bony ridge at the same time.

In the “ cutting Mode”, the bur is rotated at 800-1500 RPM in a clockwise [CW] direction to precisely cut bone if needed.

A Osseodensification Bur kit contains Osseodensification Burs of progressively larger diameter, which are to be used sequentially to achieve the desired osteotomy size. Osseodensification Burs can be used with all standard engines and implants.


Details :

13 PcS Universal Dental Implant Bur Drills Set / Set

Drill Sizes :

One Piece Pilot Drill

(15 -25) 2.0mm, (25-35) 3.0 mm, (35-45) 4.0 mm, (45-55) 5.0 mm.

(18 -28) 2.3mm, (28-38) 3.3 mm, (38-48) 4.3 mm, (48-58) 5.3 mm.

(22-28) 2.5 mm, (32-38) 3.5 mm, (42-48) 4.5mm, (52-58) 5.5 mm

Burs are externally irrigated

Drills speeds of 800-1500 rmp



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