Implant Trephine drills

Implant Trephine drills


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Trephine Drills are used for Bone Harvesting, Bone Perforation, Implant Removal.

  •         Thin Cutting Blade for Minimum Bone Loss.
  •         The Dental Trephine Burs allows the preparation of bone Cylinders with Diameter of 4.0mm to 7.0mm for Transplantation.
  •         The instruments with smaller diameter are more suited for preparation of Bone Lid in the course of an apical ectomy.
  •         Trephine Burs removes the bone in the circular direction.They remove bone in circular quantities during surgical procedures for Bone                   Grafting.


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The opening in the working area of the Trephine Burs not only permits better vision on the surgical site, but also facilitates ejection of the bone cylinder.

  •         These Trephine drills act as a Bone Block Collector. Synthetic bone costs a lot and hence these Trephine Burs/Drills are most important toold for all dentists.
  •         These Drills are made of High Quality Stainless Steel. These are highly efficient toothing specially suited for Cutting Bone and Non-Traumatic Treatment.

Recommendation for Use:

  •         Optimal Speed: 800 rpm to 1000 rpm.
  •         Maximum Speed: 6000 rpm.

·         To be used in Contra-Angle with reduction atleast 10:1 under constant External Cooling with Sterile Physio-Dispensor Saline Solution.

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