COXO Aerosol Suction Machine SC – V102

COXO Aerosol Suction Machine SC – V102


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The extra oral Aerosol Suction Machine with triple filter element of activated carbon + HEPA reacting 99.99% filtration efficiency. Download product Catalog.

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    1. 60mm large diameter suction pipe with suction capacity up to 4.5m³/min

    2. 500W High power strong negative pressure suction

    3. Mute design, noise is less than 62 db

    4. Droplets, aerosol inhalation rate more than 99%

    5. Multi – joint universal aluminum alloy suction arm can be easily adjusted to any direction
    6. High power , High suction Stable operation and long service life

    7. Dual UV sterilization Fit the medical sterilization standard Avoid cross-infection

    8. Intelligent control 10 gears of wind speed adjustment

    9. Transparent diamond-shaped suction mask specially designed for oral cavity without obstructing visual field

    10. Super strong suctionRapid solution of aerosol particles, bacterial droplets, blood, virus, etc Provides a safe and healthy environment for doctors and patient

    11. Imported DC brushless motor which saves 43% of the power than similar products.
    service life can reach 10 years


    Aerosol Suction Machine


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    1. Pumping and water vapor filtration
    2. Triple efficient filter element for filtration and deodorization
    3. Plasma UV dual disinfection
    4. Clean emissions
    5. Strong absorption of aerosol particles, blood, bacterial droplets, viruses, odor.
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