Basic Plan

Basic Plan


10,750.00 9,000.00

Basic Plan: (9,000/- Inclusive GST + Shipping)

Sr. No Products Included Quantity MRP
1 RAPI –G Sanitization Sachets 10 ₹2250
2 PE Half Gowns 50 ₹3750
3 PPE CoverAll  80GSM (Spun lace) 5 ₹2500
5 Face Shields 25 ₹1500
6 Non-vented Goggles 5 ₹ 750



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    Product Total: ₹9000.00

    • RAPI –G Sanitization Sachets
    • PE Half Gowns
    • PPE Cover All Suit
    • Face shields
    • Non-vented Goggles
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    RAPI –G Sanitization Sachets

    Rapi –G which is gas disinfection system that sanitizes air & surface of the clinic room, hospital wards or even operation theaters.

    It is very easy without any additional cost of Fogger/fumigation and maintenance   even.

    This powder contains Chlorine Dioxide which is bactericidal & virusidal.

    PE Half Gowns

    A lightweight blue polyethylene material
    Sterile & Impervious material
    Soft & Noiseless hence comfortable in wearing
    Knee length protection

    PPE Cover All Suit

    CoverAll Suit
    80 GSM thickness
    Non-woven spun lace material (The nonwoven nature of the fabric provides a breathable alternative to tightly woven fabrics). The random orientation of the fibers in the nonwoven fabrics successfully reduces liquid transmission by (i) providing filtering media (ii) reducing the capillary formation. The most commonly used nonwoven fabrics for isolation gowns are spun bond
    Hydrophobic material (The hydrophobic nature repel infectious droplets)

    Face shields

    Face Protection  – Protect face, nose, mouth, and eyes
    Covers forehead, extend below chin and wrap around side of face.
    In aerosol generating procedures, face shields prevents Viral RNA to fall on the facial skin where a virus can get a portal of entry particularly in men due to miniature cuts produced during shaving.

    Non-vented Goggles

    Non-vented Goggles: These Goggles provide barrier protection for the eyes; personal prescription lenses do not provide optimal eye protection and should not be used as a substitute for goggles.
    Snug Fit: Goggles should fit snuggly over and around the eyes or personal prescription lenses.
    Antifog: Goggles with antifog features will help maintain clarity of vision.


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